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The videos in the Yoga 15 series incorporate 5 disciplines—Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Relaxation and Mobility—to optimise performance and support recovery. There are also sequences designed to relieve pain and for both breathing and meditation.


Playtime ♦︎♦︎

This is one of my favourite videos in the Balance series. It's fun, playful and challenging, especially for your abs, shoulders and fingers


Pure Abs ♦︎♦︎

This core workout is a killer. We get right into it and strengthen the deep abs, obliques, superficial abs and lower back as well as the hip flexors.


Bed Stretch ♦︎

This gentle stretch sequence is blissful! We stretch the lower back, glutes, groin and quads to release tension in the hips and lumbar spine.

Child's Pose

Morning Stretch ♦︎

You can practice this sequence first thing in the morning when your lower back feels tight. These poses are guaranteed to set you up for the day!


Stable Core ♦︎

This simple core strength sequence covers all the bases. We strengthen the deep core stabilisers, surface-level abs, obliques and lower back.


Core Flow ♦︎♦︎

This is your sit-up-free core strength sequence! We strengthen the abs, obliques and lower abs to give you a strong, supple and resilient core.