This 6-week course has everything you need to stay pain-free and moving like a strong and supple athlete. I have structured the program so that you have 5 sessions each week that have you covered for Recovery, Flexibility, Strength, Balance and great movement. And I have set the course to “free” as opposed to “linear” so that you can choose the best video depending on your training and how you feel.

Sometimes we find a style of yoga that perfectly hits the spot and we double-down on it to the exclusion of all the other paces and techniques. Maybe you have found a few yin videos that help to alleviate chronic back pain or some challenging balance sequences that give you a great workout. And although there is nothing wrong with that, you are always going to get the best results if you incorporate as much variety into your program as possible.

In this course, we touch on all the different styles. It is predominantly a Recovery course but each week, you will also have a Balance and Strength sequence to keep things well-rounded.

I’d love to hear how you find it and if you any feedback for me on how I could make this course better.