A standard yoga class is 90 minutes long. This will typically include a warm-up, the body of the class, a cool-down and extended Final Resting Pose of 10-15 minutes.

The rationale behind Yoga 15 and our 15-minute sessions is based on the principle of the “minimum effective dose”, a concept I first came across in The 4-Hour Body. The definition of the MED is: the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome.

When I designed Yoga 15, time was one of the key elements that I wanted to optimise for. This is because I wanted to create the most effective series of videos for athletes who have busy schedules and who may not love yoga for the sake of yoga but more for what it can help them to achieve in other areas of their lives. 

After much experimentation, I discovered that 15-minutes is the shortest amount of time that we could do a meaningful yoga workout—warm up, achieve a desired objective and cool down.

So what do you do if you find yourself with a little more time to dedicate to your recovery? One thing you you may like to do and actually crave is longer yoga sessions. Mostly, I am a 15-minutes-yoga-a-day girl but I do enjoy doing longer classes every now and again, when I have the time.

To that end, I have created a number of longer sessions for the Yoga 15 library and you will find all of them in this course. You can watch the videos in any order and repeat them as many times as you like!