The 2021 Yoga 15 January Challenge

This is the 4-week Strength + Flexibility program that we will be following for the January 2021 Yoga 15 Challenge.

Starting on Monday 4th, we’ll be running a 4-week yoga challenge to prepare you physically and mentally to smash every athletic goal you have planned for this year! 

The challenge is to complete 28 x Yoga 15 videos in January and post each one as an activity to your Strava feed, as either a screen grab or a picture of yourself practicing the class. Don’t worry if you miss a day, as you’ll still qualify for the coveted prize, a Limited Edition Yoga 15 T-Shirt, as long as you post 28 sessions by the end of the month. So you can always double or triple up if life gets in the way! 

This is the program that we will be following, though you can choose from any of the 140+ Yoga 15 videos available on the site.