Are you nursing a broken hand, fractured wrist or dislocated collarbone? Are you watching your muscles atrophy and your body start to tighten up? What if there was a way to maintain your strength and maybe even improve your overall flexibility, while you’re healing from injury and chomping at the bit to get back to your sport? 

In this course, we’ll work through 21 videos designed to keep you strong and flexible, without putting weight through your upper body. So that when you’re fully recovered and ready to train again, you’ll be hitting the ground running!


In this course, we cycle through non-weightbearing, restorative yoga videos and take some lighter days for breathing and meditation.

You may not be able to do all the poses, depending on the nature of your injury and how far along you are in your recovery. And these sequences are not designed to heal your injury.

The goal is to keep you moving during your recovery, to the extent that is safe for you, so that you lose as little ground as possible and maybe even make some improvements, during a time that can otherwise be horribly frustrating.


You can do these videos any time of day and as many times as you like. I recommend the ideal time from an anatomical point of view but you can be flexible. Just remember that none of these movements should cause you pain so back off or skip a pose if you have any concerns.


A mat can be helpful but in most of these sequences, it’s optional. Please make sure to sit with a straight spine in the seated sections—on a couple of blocks or even on a chair, with both feet flat on the mat.