I have designed this course for a member suffering from recurring lower back pain, caused by the repetitive strain of training, working at a desk, driving and life stress.

​​”My back got so bad at the weekend. 6 months of no exercise or strength training coupled with a lot of sitting and driving and it just went. I couldn’t even find a comfortable enough position to sleep. I’ve been doing your lower back video on repeat—I just don’t do the poses properly if I do it myself—and it’s basically saved my life. But I now need to start gently building some core strength whilst continuing to stretch. Which videos do you recommend?”

This six-week program builds a strong, resilient core, improves flexibility in the lower back, hips and hamstrings and reduces overall stress.

Each week, you will practice two core strength and five hips, hamstrings and lower back flexibility sessions. I have set it up so that you have your core sessions on Tuesday and Friday but you can swap the days around to suit your schedule.

As the causes, presentation and severity of back pain can vary significantly from person to person, you may find that you some sequences are more beneficial for you than others. You can also experiment with how often you want to practice and at what time of day.

The important thing to remember is always to listen to your body. An at-home yoga practice is not a substitute for working with a medical professional and it’s best if you can do both together. But as long as you tune into how you feel, responding to what feels good and stopping movements and activities that exacerbate your pain, you have a remarkable ability to alleviate your own lower back pain. So that you can get back to your sport, faster and stronger than ever before!