I am really excited about this course. It is challenging in many ways but also deeply restorative and slower-paced than many of the Yoga 15 videos. The goal here is to improve suppleness and coordination throughout your body and also master some fairly advanced yoga skills. Learning complex movement patterns like this is going to give you a significant edge in training and competition so I am really looking forward to see the game-changing results you see with consistent practice of these sequences.


In this course, we cover Balance, Flexibility and Recovery.

The Balance sequences do not contain traditional balance poses from start to finish, but work with complex movement patterns and twists to improve your proprioception, coordination and concentration.

The Flexibility sequences build towards one specific pose to see how we prepare the body for more difficult or intense poses. For example, loosening up the hip flexors and mobilising the spine before coming into Wheel pose.

The Recovery poses are slow, stretchy and deeply restorative. In these sequences, our goal is to improve your range of motion from head to toe.


You can most certainly follow one lesson a day in this course but the videos are also designed to be practice in combination so you can double or triple-them up.

For example, Neck And Shoulder Recovery // Spinal Flow // Peak Pose: Wheel. I’d love to hear if you enjoy stitching this sequences together.