I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before! ​​​This could be my favourite Yoga 15 course to date. It’s a genius idea requested by a PRO member. A 28-day plan that includes a morning activation and night-time recovery session to give you the optimal, all-round yoga program.


Timing is crucial when it comes to different types and intensity of movement and working with your body’s natural (circadian) rhythm is always going to give you the best results. Not only is it the key to optimising performance but it is also a smart way to avoid unnecessary injuries.

In the morning, we need to be careful not to overstretch, especially if our muscles are cold. And in the evening, we don’t want to ramp up our nervous system so much that we affect the quality of our sleep.

The smart yogi kickstarts their day with an activating strength, balance or mobility session and bookends it with a restorative, down-regulating recovery sequence.

The primary benefit of structuring your program in this way is that it teaches you to move well. You get all the improvements in balance, flexibility, core strength and mental stability of a regular, consistent yoga program. And when you add in variety of movement and alignment with healthy nervous system rhythms, I guarantee you will be moving and performing as the best athlete you can be!