I was recently asked to design a plan for a PRO member going on a 4-week cycling trip across Europe in a month’s time. The extra rub is that his girlfriend (also going on the trip) has started to experience lower back pain on their long and fast training rides.

The couple were nervous that they wouldn’t be able to complete all the rides that they had planned and asked for my help. I thought that the program I designed for them would be useful for many of you preparing for ambitious trips over the summer so I have added it to the site.


As these are special circumstances, I recommend 2 sessions a day, 6 days a week, for a month. One session is an easy stretch, focusing on the hips and hamstrings and the other is a more challenging sequence designed to condition the stabiliser muscles, primarily the core and glutes. 

It’s up to you what time of day you practice the sessions. Some of you may prefer a slow stretch in the morning and the more energetic sequence in the afternoon but many of you will choose to switch that around. 

None of the videos are too too hard because that is not the aim of the game when you’re preparing for an epic endurance adventure but completing this course will absolutely keep you fit and healthy.