Yoga For Mobility

When you get into a rhythm of practicing the videos in this course consistently, you will find that you can get into all the body positions that you need to for your sport, fast, with precision and pain-free.


I have chosen 30 videos from the Yoga 15 library, all of which focus on healthy, functional hips. The beauty of yoga is that it is no one-trick pony! We train mobility in multiple ranges of motion—external and internal rotation, flexion and extension; stretch the glutes, TFL, quads, hip flexors and groin; strengthen the muscles that support the hip joint; and train balance and proprioception to enhance neuromuscular control.

In this course, we cycle through Recovery, Flexibility, Mobility, Strength and Balance videos that range in difficulty from easy through to advanced. And I have set the course to “linear” so that you can jump around and choose the session that is most appropriate for you each day.


My preference would be to practice one video a day for 30 days in the morning but of course you have many more options. I have divided the course into 6 blocks so it may make more sense for you to practice 5 sessions a week for 6 weeks. And I will leave it up to you to choose the best time of day that ensures the greatest compliance!

I find that willpower is highest in the morning so that is the easiest time of day for most people to stay consistent but after your training is another excellent time or before bed to round off your day.


As always, I would love to hear how you found the course. I run Yoga 15 as a benevolent dictatorship so all feedback is gratefully received!