Swimmer 15

I designed this course for swimmers to release tension in over-worked muscles, restore proper range of motion, increase your power and reduce your risk of injury. 
When you train to be a stronger, faster swimmer, specific muscles get tight, reducing your range of motion and consequently, your power. And without a proper recovery plan in place, over time, this can result in injuries from overuse and muscular imbalance.

​​This course is designed to diversify your movement patterns and counterbalance the movements in your training to increase your resiliency, alleviate pain and decrease your likelihood of injury. 

It is a 5-week course based on 3 videos per week—one upper body strength and mobility, one core strength and suppleness, and one lower body flexibility. If you’d like to practice more sessions on top of these essentials, you can always run another course alongside this one, for example, 28-Day Total Body Flex.


  • Open up your chest.
  • Strengthen the core and posterior chain.
  • Improve mobility in the spine and shoulders. 
  • Condition the feet and ankles. 
  • Open up the hips.
  • Increase breathing efficiency.
  • Ease stiffness, aches and pains. 
  • Reduce your risk of injury.
  • Decrease your recovery time.