Yoga For Hikers: Warrior 3

Improve your flexibility, balance, mobility, strength and recovery in this 15-video challenge!

In this program, we cycle through all 5 Yoga 15 skills, in sequences that increase in difficulty as we make our way through the challenge.

This is what you can look forward to!

  • Flexibility. These beginner videos are designed to improve your flexibility through static stretching. In this series, we focus on increasing flexibility in the spine, hips and hamstrings.
  • Strength. These intermediate videos are designed to build strength and stability throughout your body. We move through the upper body, core and lower body.
  • Mobility. In these more challenging videos, we flow through poses, synchronising breath and movement. These sequences are designed to improve joint mobility throughout your body.
  • Balance. These videos, designed to enhance your balance and proprioception, increase in difficulty from beginner through to advanced. We cover all the foundational balance poses.
  • Recovery. These beginner videos focus on diaphragmatic breathing and releasing muscular tension. They are designed to help you recover from your more challenging days.


Typically, I recommend practicing the Strength, Mobility and Balance sequences earlier in the day or before your workout and the Flexibility and Recovery sessions after your training or in the evening.

However, if you would like to work through this course as a challenge, you can choose the time of day that is most suitable for you.

I look forward to hearing how you find the course!