This course is designed for cyclists to improve neck and shoulder flexibility so that you can maintain optimal positioning on the bike, enhance your comfort, reduce your risk of injury, and improve your overall performance.


Here is a breakdown of why upper body flexibility is so crucial for cyclists.

1. Aerodynamic Positioning

  • Aerodynamic Position: This position involves having the torso low and the arms extended forward, which places significant strain on the neck and shoulders.
  • Head Position: Maintaining a low, forward head position helps reduce drag, but this requires a flexible neck to keep the head up and eyes forward without excessive strain.

2. Comfort and Endurance

  • Prolonged Effort: Sustaining the aerodynamic position for such durations demands good flexibility to avoid discomfort and pain.
  • Muscle Fatigue: Inflexible neck and shoulders can lead to muscle fatigue, causing discomfort that distracts from performance and can affect endurance and power output.

3. Injury Prevention

  • Strain and Tension: Tight or inflexible muscles are more prone to strain. Cyclists with poor flexibility in the neck and shoulders are at a higher risk of overuse injuries.
  • Balance and Stability: Good flexibility contributes to better stability and control, which can prevent accidents and injuries, especially when adjusting positions or navigating turns.

4. Power Transfer

  • Upper Body Relaxation: Flexible neck and shoulders allow the upper body to remain relaxed, minimizing unnecessary movements and maximizing power transfer to the pedals.
  • Efficient Breathing: Flexibility aids in maintaining an open chest and proper breathing mechanics, which is essential for oxygen delivery during high-intensity efforts.


Recovery, Mobility, Yin and Activation are the four types of Yoga 15 videos that will help with this issue and ideally you will rotate through all of them. Which day and how often will be dependent on your training schedule. 

Recovery and Yin are restorative so you will probably choose to practice those videos after training or in the evening. And Mobility and Activation are more suitable before training or on your rest day.