I designed this course for those of you who are a little intimidated or put off by yoga but who stand to benefit just as much, if not more, from a well-designed stretch program. I have included only videos that are beginner level and that you can practice on the floor—so no sun salutations or warrior flows.

These sequences are taken from two series—Cool-Downs and Yin For Athletes. I am wearing green in the yin videos and salmon 🐟 in the post-training cool-downs. The yin videos are slower and more restorative. They may also require props. The cool-downs are a little more pacy and include about twice as many stretches.

You can do these videos at any time of the day—morning, after your training or in the evening. Staying consistent is easier if you always practice at the same time so this may be something to think about.

I look forward to hearing how you find this course. I am intrigued to know which poses you find most effective and how often you feel you need to stretch out to stay supple and pain-free.

And if you have friends or loved ones who are still on the fence about yoga, this could be just what they need to help them see the light!