Yoga For Rowers

In this Yoga For Rowers course, we cover everything you need as athletes to stay pain and injury-free.

Whether you’re rowing indoors to improve your fitness or you’re lucky enough to get out on the water to train, the postural demands of the sport can easily derail you with overuse injuries. That’s if you don’t have a well-designed recovery plan in place.

Yoga and rowing complement each other perfectly. Rowing strengthens your pulling muscles, whereas yoga focuses on pushing your bodyweight up from the ground. The seated position in rowing tightens up the hips and hamstrings that yoga is designed to release. And yoga increases mobility, strengthens the core, improves balance, enhances focus and improves your flexibility so that you can row faster and harder, without fear of pain and injury negatively impacting your training and performance.


The goals of this course are to strengthen under-used muscles to counteract muscular imbalances, improve flexibility in areas that tighten up during training, release deeply-held tension in overworked muscles, increase suppleness throughout the body, improve balance and proprioception, ease pain, enhance focus and concentration and train healthy breathing mechanics.

Specifically, in this Yoga For Rowers course, we will:


You can think of this course as your yoga toolbox from which you can choose the appropriate session for your specific needs and align with your training schedule. The STRETCH and RELEASE sessions will feel fantastic after working out and the MOBILITY, STABILITY and FLOW videos may suit you best on active recovery days.

I’m excited to hear how you find the course!