Yoga For Weightlifters

Yoga For Weightlifters is a course designed for all of you who lift weights and know how your muscles feel the day after a hard session!

The sequences are designed to activate key muscle groups before your weight training sessions and stretch you out after, depending on which muscles you are focusing on. I have also included four core strength videos that you can practice as finishers to round off your training.


“To all you muscle-bound guys pumping iron—get down on the mat and start stretching.” Dr. Nicholas DiNubile

Weight-lifting, like all sports, can establish muscular imbalances in the body that lead to restrictions in mobility and even injury over time. This is only exacerbated if you focus on isolated exercises, such as bicep curls, calf raises and triceps kickbacks that develop muscles unevenly.

Regular practice of the Yoga For Weightlifters program can help to prevent injuries and imbalances in the following ways:

These improvements, especially to your mobility and flexibility, will not only reduce your risk of pain and injury but also accelerate your performance and increase your gains.


  • Full Body—1 activation and 3 recovery sessions
  • Leg Day—1 activation and 3 recovery sessions
  • Push—1 activation and 3 recovery sessions
  • Pull—1 activation and 3 recovery sessions
  • Core—4 core finishers


For each training day, there are 1 activation sequence and 3 recovery sessions in the Yoga For Weightlifters program. You can practice the activation/strength video before your workout and the recovery sequences directly after your workout, when you get home from the gym or just before bed.

Let me know how you find the course and which poses are the most effective for you!