Half-Reclining Hero

Half-Reclining Hero pose is a quad stretch that stretches the feet, ankles, knees and hip flexors and can help to alleviate lower back pain.


  • Stretches the feet, ankles, knees, quads, hip flexors, abs, chest, shoulders and triceps.
  • Improves posture.
  • Can help to alleviate lower back pain.



  • Intermediate


  • Set-Up

    Come to kneeling towards the front of your mat.

  • Action

    Bring your right foot flat to the mat and drop down inside your left foot. Walk your right foot out to the right as far as you need to so that both sitting bones are flat on the mat. Check that your left foot and toes point straight back and that your right knee points straight ahead. Place your hands behind you, palms down, fingertips facing forwards and lean back until you feel the stretch in your left quad.

  • Refinements

    You can come down onto your elbows or lower all the way down to the mat, bring your arms up overhead and hold onto opposite elbows. To increase the intensity, you can hug your right knee into your chest.

  • Duration

    Stay in the pose for 3-5 slow breaths, in and out through your nose.

  • To Release

    Release your arms, bring your hands to the mat and carefully press yourself back up for the other side.


  • This is an intense pose, so please make sure that your ankles, knees and hips are warmed up before you drop into it.


Half-Reclining Hero Pose
  • If you have tight quads, you can support yourself on your hands or your elbows.
  • You can put a cushion under your right hip (when the left knee is bent) to level your hips.
  • If you feel compression at your lower back, lie back on a bolster, positioned lengthwise along your spine. You can also try this version with both knees bent to see if that is more comfortable and gives you a better stretch.
  • If your quads are super tight, you can practice Hero pose on a block before moving on to the reclined version.


  • Avoid Half-Reclining Hero pose if you have a foot, knee, back or shoulder injury.


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