Revolved Triangle

  • Advanced
  • Improves spinal mobility.
  • Stretches the ankles, calves, hamstrings, piriformis, TFL, hips, upper back, shoulders, chest and neck.
  • Internally rotates the hips.
  • Strengthens the feet, ankles and legs.
  • Improves balance and coordination.
  • Enhances focus and concentration.


  • Set-Up

    Step your feet about a metre apart—the distance will vary from person to person.

  • Action

    Point your left toes towards the top of your mat and turn your back foot in about 45 degrees. Line up your heels and square your hips to face towards the top of the mat. Bring your right hand to the inside, on or outside your front foot, sweep your left hand up to the sky and look down, straight ahead or up to your fingertips. Be careful not to strain your neck.

  • Refinements

    If you can’t reach the ground, bring your feet closer together and rest your bottom hand on your shin or a block. If your hips are tight or you struggle with your balance, you can step your feet wider apart so that your heels are no longer on a tightrope.

  • Duration

    Stay in the pose for 3-5 breaths on each side.

  • Avoid Revolved Triangle if you haven injuries as it is an advanced posture.

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