4 Daily Poses For Lower Back Pain

Poses For Lower Back Pain

Here is your daily “Poses for Lower Back Pain” quick guide. I have formatted it so that you can save it as a photo to your phone to use for reference. You’ll find in-depth tutorials for each of the poses along with modifications in the Pose Library.


  1. Locust pose strengthens the posterior chain—a group of muscles on the back of the body, including the hamstrings, glutes, lower and upper back. In many cases of lower back pain, caused by muscular imbalances, the lower back muscles are over-stretched and weak.
  2. Bird Dog similarly strengthens the muscles that support the spine. And as a balance pose, it also targets the deep abdominal muscles and obliques. Many cases of lower back pain are also correlated with a weak core.
  3. Side Plank is another foundational core-strengthening pose. The primary focus is the obliques, although it does also strengthen the deep abdominals and lower back. Again, we use instability to challenge the muscles that support the lumbar spine.
  4. Reclining Spinal Twist is a little different from the other poses for lower back pain as it is a flexibility rather than a strength pose. Holding this pose releases the build up of tension at the lower back and also gently stretches the outsides of the hips and obliques.
4 Poses For Lower Back Pain


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  • Morning Abi
    I’ve had lower back pain on my right side for months now. Had xrays twice and everything looks good. It feels like I’ve been shoveling to long if that explains it any better. My wife’s been into yoga about two years now so I thought what the heck. Just received your mail about the poses for lower back pain.
    Thank you