4 Powerful Breathing Exercises

4 Yogi Breathing Exercises

Here is your “quick guide” for four of my favourite yogic breathing exercises. If you open this page on your phone, you should be able to save it directly to your photos to use as a reference.


Each of these breathing technique creates a slightly different effect in the mind and body but they are all essentially calming or down-regulating. This is because the inhalations and exhalations are either the same length or the exhalations are extended. When the inhalation is longer than the exhalation, you get a style of breathing practice that is stimulating to the nervous system like, for example, the Wim Hof Method.

There are a couple of thing to keep in mind when you’re practicing these breathing exercises. Firstly, try to sit with your back straight—whether that is on your mat, raised up on blocks or on a chair. This will allow for full, free and easy breaths. And secondly, try to stay focused on the sensations of breathing as you experience them in your body. For example, the rising and falling of your belly and chest, the coolness of the air as it passes in through your nostrils and the warmth of the air as it passes back out.

Please drop me a message in the comments if you have any questions. These breathing exercises can be a real lifesaver when you’re dealing with stressful and high-pressure situations.

4 Powerful Yogic Breathing Exercises

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