5 Mid Back Recovery Poses To Ease Stiffness

Poses To Loosen The Mid Back

This is an abridged version of Mid Back Recovery (a 15-minute sequence available for subscribers) that you can do in the morning to loosen up your mid back. Your thoracic spine (in between your lower back and the back of your neck) is especially likely to be tight if you cycle, drive long distances or work at a desk, and these postures can help to ease stiffness and alleviate pain in areas where you’re holding onto tension.

Use the first and last poses—Child and Crocodile to zone in on your diaphragmatic breathing, alternate between Cat and Cow as many times as you need to in order to loosen up all parts of your spine, relax in Puppy pose to stretch out your back, shoulders, lats and triceps, and feel a lovely twist in Revolved Standing Forward Bend as well as a stretch in your calves and hamstrings. If you’re feeling lazy and you want to practise these poses on your bed, you can substitute Revolved Standing Forward Bend for Thread-The-Needle pose or Twisted Puppy. It’s a nice one to do first thing when you wake up.


  • Improve thoracic and shoulder mobility.
  • Stretch the spine, lats, shoulders, triceps, calves and hamstrings. 
  • Open up the chest.
  • Improve posture. 
  • Facilitate better breathing. 
  • Help to alleviate lower back, mid back (in between your shoulder blades), upper back, shoulder and neck pain. 



This short recovery sequence is fantastic for all athletes but especially those whose sport requires an exaggerated rounding of the mid back, including cycling, driving, boxing and hockey. You could even use it to loosen up before your training session.

Modified Standing Forward Bend

Download this mid back recovery QuickGuide to your phone to keep as a reference.

5 Poses To Loosen Up Your Mid Back

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