5 Yoga Poses To Stretch The Quads

5 Yoga Quad Stretches

Here are 5 poses that you can practice to stretch the quads. In each of them, you bend one or both knees to create traction. You can save this “quick guide” directly to your phone to use as a reference.

These poses are all more difficult than they look, so please take it easy. You’ll find modified versions for each of them in the Pose Library. You may find that Dancer pose is actually the most accessible—it’s essentially a standing quad stretch with a bit of panache. It requires good balance so you might like to start against a wall but otherwise, it’s fairly straightforward. In Half-Twisted Lizard, the key is to walk your front foot way out to the side and then drop your hips before you come into the twist. In Half-Reclining Hero pose, I recommend that you support the supporting leg on a cushion to level your hips. In Hero pose, you can start with a block in between your feet. And Half Frog just takes a lot of practice! It’s much easier if you try it lying on your side.

Please note that if you have knee issues, these postures may not be appropriate for you. Find out more about tight quads in this article.

5 Poses To Stretch Tight Quads

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