5 Best Yoga Stretches For Hip Pain

Yoga Stretches For Hip Pain

Here are 5 yoga poses that you can practice to relieve hip pain. Standing Sidebend stretches the TFL (tensor fascia latae) and obliques; Low Lunge with Sidebend stretches the TFL, obliques and hip flexors; Half Spinal Twist stretches the TFL and IT band; Dead Pigeon pose stretches the glutes and piriformis; and Reclining Spinal Twist with Eagle legs stretches the TFL, IT band, lower back and obliques. You’ll find detailed tutorials for each of these postures in the Pose Library.

You can see that we cover three different types of poses in this sequence. Sidebends, Twists and Hip Openers. One aspect that yoga excels at is tacking an issue from multiple different angles. As you can see from the description above, we not only stretch the outer hip muscles that are likely to be tight but also all the muscles connected to them—the obliques, lower back and hip flexors.

If you open this page on your phone, you can save this “quick guide” directly to your photos for reference.


One of the keys to relieving hip pain in the long-term, is to ensure that you warm up before, and stretch out carefully after, exercise. I recommend that you activate your core and glutes before each training session and stretch out afterwards with these poses.


If you’re a subscriber, you can include these 5 videos in your training program.

  1. Beginner Twists
  2. Beginner Sidebends
  3. Sidebends And Hip Openers
  4. Gentle Flow
  5. Pre-Workout Activation

Let me know if there are other postures of techniques that you have found to relieve hip pain.

5 Yoga Stretches For Hip Pain


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