6 Yoga Poses To Release A Tight Groin And Hip Flexors

Tight Groin And Hip Flexors

Here is a 6-pose sequence designed to release a tight groin and hip flexors. I have put it into a format that you can save onto your phone so that you can find it easily and use it as a reference.

In yoga, we have a technique called “sequencing” that describes the process of moving from gentle through to deeper and more intense stretches. We also recognise that, as the entire body is connected, in order to release tension in the hip flexors, we also need to pay attention to the groin and vice versa. As you work through these poses, see if you can tune into the connection between the two and to this experience of gradually releasing deeper into the stretch.


The first three poses, Wind-Relieving, Low Lunge and Crescent Lunge, primarily target the hip flexors and the second three poses, One-Legged Downward Dog, Yogi Squat and Reclining Butterfly, first and foremost focus on the groin. Hold each of them for 3-5 deep, diaphragmatic breaths aiming not to “stretch” the muscles but to “release” them—working with gravity and with your breath.

Tight Groin and Hip Flexors


I was recently reflecting on the question, “What is a mindset that I have adopted through yoga?” One of the first things that sprang to mind is that practising yoga, consistently and over time, teaches you to be a better body mechanic. When you feel pain, tightness or become aware of a weakness in your body, you know you have the tools at your disposal to look after and heal yourself. This means that you don’t always need to see a physiotherapist or even follow a yoga class online. You know which poses you need to practise and that you can do wherever you are, whenever you need them.

In this routine, as you come into each pose, make minor adjustments to get the release that you’re after. For example, does it feel better to relax your bottom leg in Wind-Relieving pose or press through your heel? How does it feel to move your hips from side to side in Low Lunge? If you come into a gentle sidebend in Crescent Lunge does that increase the intensity of the stretch? These personalisations can make all the difference but only if you’re paying close attention to exactly what it is that you need.


Tight Groin Mods

This tight groin and hip flexor sequence is taken from a 15-minute beginner-level video that I have just posted on the site for subscribers: Hip Flexor / Groin Release. Every Monday, we publish a new video. Right now, we’re working through the Bulletproof Athlete series which takes you through 5 Stability, Flexibility and Recovery videos, designed to make you bulletproof from head-to-toe. For each video, I also highlight a pose and offer modifications for less accessible postures with props, including blocks, straps and bolsters. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your free 30-day trial today by clicking the button below.

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