5 Soothing Self Foot Massage Techniques

Self Foot Massage Techniques

Here are 5 soothing self foot massage techniques that you can practice to stay in tip-top condition. Now, more than ever, we need to be looking after ourselves properly and that includes the parts of us that don’t normally get much love. These 5 techniques are super simple and take just a few minutes. And if you’re incredibly lucky, you might be able to find a loving partner, friend or family member to do the honours!

Self foot massage is also important for the health of our ankles, knees and even hips. We put our feet into shoes most of the time, which essentially act like casts. And as we lose mobility in our feet, we put our ankles at risk as they become hyper-mobile to compensate for the lack of dexterity in our feet. Weak ankles increase our risk of injury from falls and, as everything is connected, can negatively affect the health of our knees and hips.


If you open this page on your phone, you should be able to save this “quick guide” as a photo to use for reference. Spend as long as you have the time for on each step and repeat at least a couple of times a week.

Self Foot Massage Techniques


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