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This series is ideal if you’re looking to schedule your yoga practice around your training. There are sequences to do before and after your workout, at different times of the day and on your rest day to support athletic recovery. The routines in level of difficulty and cover all 5 of the Yoga 15 disciplines. They are great to go back to time and again when you’ve worked out which are your favourites.


Sunday Morning Yoga

In this sequence, we start with a few rounds of Box-Breathing, mobilise the spine and open up the hips. Try to stay present as you gradually unwind.



This gentle cool-down is designed to completely relax you after a workout—to release tight muscles and calm the central nervous system.


Rest + Recovery

"A hard physical challenge must be met with an equally intense recovery. That’s one of the most profound lessons that yoga taught me."


Hips + Hamstrings

This gentle post-workout sequence stretches out the ankles, calves, hamstrings, hip flexors, groin, glutes, piriformis, chest and shoulders.


Mobility Flow

This sequence combines static stretching and joint mobilisation to loosen you up from head to toe and get you moving like an athlete.


Full Body Stretch

You can practice this static stretching sequence after a workout to release tension in the muscles that you've been working during your session.


Rest Day

The first half of this routine focuses on increasing mobility in the spine and upper body and the second half on opening up the hips.