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The strength sequences incorporate isometric, concentric and eccentric movements to build muscular strength, increase muscular endurance and improve joint mobility. They can also help to alleviate pain.


Core Strength 1

In this yoga for core strength routine we strengthen the abs, obliques, lower back, and hips. Try to keep your core engaged throughout.


Lower Body Strength 2

In this sequence, we introduce Sun Salutation B which is similar to Sun A but with some extra poses that build strength and endurance in the legs.


Core Strength 2

An integrated core will maximise your power, speed and control in your sport as well as helping to protect you from persistent lower back pain.


Core Strength 3

In this core sequence, we use isometric and concentric-eccentric exercises to strengthen the abs, lower back, and obliques.


Upper Body Strength 4

Don't let anyone tell you that yoga is easy. This sequence is designed to give your upper body—chest, arms and shoulders—a serious workout.


Core Strength 4

In this sequence we train both core strength and core flexibility. This has great benefits for performance and for reducing the risk of injury.


Lower Body Strength 5

In this routine, we burn the quads and glutes in a sequence of Chair and Warrior pose variations, followed by some challenging balancing postures.


Core Strength 5

In this sequence, we work the abs in a series of Plank and Boat pose variations and finish with the mother of all abs stretches—Wheel pose.