How I’m Staying Fit And Sane During Corona

Fit For Corona

This is my daily routine.

  • At 6.15am (before it gets too hot), we walk/run for 75 minutes with 2 of the dogs. I used to be a runner but that was a million years ago, so we’re using this app I love called 10k Runner.
  • As soon as we get back, we do the Onnit 6 Kettlebell program.
  • In the afternoon, whenever I need a break from work, I do a 15-minute Yoga 15 video. I just put my wireless earphones in and do what the girl on the screen tells me.
  • In the evening, at 6.30pm (when it’s cool enough for the dogs), we go out for another walk.
  • And when we get back at 7.30pm, I teach yoga to my Mexican family for half an hour.

I’m usually so pooped that I fall straight to sleep after that.

What apps and programs are you using? We have pads and boxing gloves and I’d love to find a boxing app or online program if anyone has any ideas.


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  • So glad you are THERE and are falling into a routine. New routines for the new normal.

    How is your Spanish?

      • Dreaming Spanish – a free You Tube channel is the best way to learn on line – stories with drawings – all levels – no grammar. How I taught French for 27 years and how I’m teaching ESL

  • Boxing apps for IOS:

    Have fun
    Romain from Luxembourg, fellow Sufferlandrian and 15min yoga user 🙂

    • You’re fantastic Romain! Thank you so much. New challenge coming soon to Sufferlandria! I hope you’re keeping safe and well.