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Choose from over 280+ yoga videos designed to optimise athletic performance and recovery. Most of the videos last 15-minutes but there are also some 3-minute, 5-minute, 30-minute and 1-hour sessions. The videos cover 5 skills—Flexibility, Strength, Balance, Mobility and Recovery to give you everything you need to maximise your athletic potential!

Yin For Spine + Shoulders ♦︎

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Increase shoulder mobility and ease stiffness in the thoracic spine so that you can move more freely and alleviate any neck and shoulder pain.

Pure Balance ♦︎♦︎

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This is a great video to practice to improve your one-legged balancing skills. It’s perfect to do in the morning or as a standalone workout.

Core Power

Core Power ♦︎♦︎

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Core Power is designed to strengthen your abs, obliques and lower back. Try to include 2-3 core workouts in your training every week.

Afternoon Kicker

Afternoon Kicker ♦︎♦︎

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Afternoon Kicker is one of my favourites to get the blood pumping, loosen you up and stretch out the kinks. It’s a yoga smorgasbord.

Leg Blaster ♦︎♦︎

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In this sequence, we introduce twists to increase the intensity of our standing postures. It’s a tough one for the glutes and quads.

Lower Back Release ♦︎

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This video is designed to alleviate lower back tightness. We stretch the lower back, glutes, piriformis, groin, hamstrings and calves.

Beginner Twists

Beginner Twists ♦︎

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Beginner Twists is one of my favourites. The poses feel amazing and it’s great for relieving lower back, upper back, shoulder and neck pain.

Core Flow ♦︎♦︎

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This is your sit-up-free core strength sequence! We strengthen the abs, obliques and lower abs to give you a strong, supple and resilient core.

Mobility Drills

Mobility Drills ♦︎♦︎♦︎

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Mobility Drills is a fast-paced sequence that mobilises the ankles, knees, hips, spine and shoulders. It’s great for getting your heart pumping.

Gentle Flow

Gentle Flow ♦︎

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Gentle Flow combines Box Breathing, spine mobilisation and poses designed to open up the hips. Breathe, relax and stay focussed.

Spine + Shoulder Mobility ♦︎

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This video is designed to improve mobility in the shoulders and spine to ease aches and pains and improve suppleness in the upper body.

Intense Quad Stretch ♦︎♦︎

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This is a fantastic routine to practice after your workout to release tension in the quads and hip flexors and alleviate lower back pain.

Chest Opener ♦︎♦︎

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This sequence is designed to open up the chest and increase mobility in the spine and shoulders. It’s highly effective for relieving mid back pain.

30-Min Balance Blaster ♦︎♦︎♦︎

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This 30-min sequence is designed to be a balancing masterclass! So much of movement comes down to balance, coordination and body awareness.

30-Min Wheel Practice ♦︎♦︎♦︎

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This 30-minute mash-up is for those of you who would like to spend some time working on your Wheel pose— the queen of backbends.