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Choose from over 250 yoga videos designed to optimise athletic performance and recovery. Most of the videos last 15-minutes but there are also some 30-minute and 1-hour sessions. The videos cover 5 skills—Flexibility, Strength, Balance, Mobility and Recovery to give you everything you need to maximise your athletic potential!

Spinal Extension

Spinal Extension ♦︎♦︎

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In Spinal Extension, we flex and extend the spine before moving through progressively deeper and more intense back-bending postures.

Acrobatics is an advanced Balance sequence.

Acrobatics ♦︎♦︎♦︎

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Acrobatics is a playful back-bending sequence with some pretty advanced postures. If you’re feeling strong and supple, it’s a fun one to practice.


Well-Oiled ♦︎♦︎♦︎

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Well-Oiled is an advanced flow sequence that requires good upper body strength and flexibility, balance, coordination and body control.

Deep Glute Stretch Yin ♦︎♦︎

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If your glutes are tight, you’re going to love this video. These poses stretch the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus as well as the piriformis.

Hip-Opening Twists

Hip-Opening Twists ♦︎

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Hip-Opening Twists stretches the hip flexors, groin, glutes, TFL, hamstrings and calves. We finish with an extended body scan meditation.

Quads And Hips

Quads And Hips ♦︎♦︎

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Depending on the flexibility of your quads and hip flexors, this sequence is either going to be incredibly hard or a walk in the park.

Lower Body Strength 3

Lower Body Strength 3 ♦︎♦︎♦︎

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In Lower Body Strength 3, we flow through the classic standing postures to build strength in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, quads and glutes.

Better Posture

Better Posture ♦︎

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In Better Posture, we loosen up the wrists, elbows, shoulders, spine and hips and stretch the calves, hamstrings, hips and lower back.

Hip Mobility Flow ♦︎

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This flow sequence focuses on improving mobility in the hips. It’s the perfect active recovery routine to practice on your day off.

Foot And Ankle Mobility

Foot And Ankle Mobility ♦︎


Foot And Ankle Mobility is a shorter sequence. We flow through a series of exercises designed to loosen up and mobilise tight feet and ankles.

Balance Mastery

Balance Mastery ♦︎♦︎♦︎

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In Balance Mastery, focus and control are the aim of the game. Try to keep your transitions smooth and to hold the poses as still as you can.

Total Leg Strength ♦︎♦︎

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In this sequence, we strengthen the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, ankles and feet. And improve mobility in the hips and spine.

Core Strength 1

Core Strength 1 ♦︎♦︎

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In this sequence, we strengthen the abs, obliques, lower back, pelvis and hips. Try to keep your core engaged throughout.

1-Hour Power Flow ♦︎♦︎♦︎

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Up for a challenge? This one-hour class is for those of you looking for a proper workout that incorporates strength, balance and flexibility.

Post-Training Stretch ♦︎

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This sequence is designed to stretch out tight hips and hamstrings after your training session to keep you strong, supple and in the game!