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Choose from over 280+ yoga videos designed to optimise athletic performance and recovery. Most of the videos last 15-minutes but there are also some 3-minute, 5-minute, 30-minute and 1-hour sessions. The videos cover 5 skills—Flexibility, Strength, Balance, Mobility and Recovery to give you everything you need to maximise your athletic potential!

Lower Back Recovery

Lower Back Recovery ♦︎

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This sequence is essentially miraculous! It’s designed to prevent and alleviate lower back pain and stretch the hips and hamstrings.

Deep Restoration ♦︎

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Take a load off! This sequence is designed to relax your body and mind, fully and completely, through breath, stretching and meditation.

Quads And Hip Flexors ♦︎♦︎

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In this sequence, we release tension in the hip flexors and quads and open up the hips with dynamic lunges and deeper, static stretches.

Reclining Butterfly

Yin For Your Posture ♦︎

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Do you get tight hips and pain in between the shoulder blades from sitting? Then this sequence should give you the relief that you need.

Spice It Up ♦︎♦︎♦︎

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This balancing sequence is surprisingly challenging as we take our familiar poses—Tree, Warrior 3 and Side Plank to the next level.

Balance Mastery

Balance Mastery ♦︎♦︎♦︎

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In Balance Mastery, focus and control are the aim of the game. Try to keep your transitions smooth and to hold the poses as still as you can.

Beginner Yoga

Beginner Yoga ♦︎

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In this sequence, we break down some basic yoga poses—stretching the hamstrings, opening up the hips and strengthening the core.

Half Monkey Pose

Hamstring / Hip Flexibility ♦︎

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In this sequence, we focus on improving functional flexibility in the hamstrings, hip flexors and groin. It’s a great one for runners.

Afternoon Kicker

Afternoon Kicker ♦︎♦︎

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Afternoon Kicker is one of my favourites to get the blood pumping, loosen you up and stretch out the kinks. It’s a yoga smorgasbord.

Balancing Half Moon

30-Min Balance/Stability ♦︎♦︎

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This sequence combines Core Stability, Scapular Stability and Hip And Pelvis Stability into a 30-minute stability mash-up.

Balance Training ♦︎♦︎

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In this sequence, we practice a series of one-legged standing poses dynamically to improve your balance and proprioception.

Yin Yoga For Athletes

Lower Back Yin ♦︎

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In the first video in our new yin yoga series, we focus on hip-opening poses that release tension in the hips and the lower back.

Supple Spine

Supple Spine ♦︎

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Supple Spine is great for reducing stiffness, increasing suppleness and alleviating upper and lower back pain. We extend, flex and rotate the spine.

Balance Geometry ♦︎♦︎♦︎

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This balance sequence is a maths puzzle! It’s great for improving flexibility in the calves and hamstrings and opening up the hips.

Groin And Hip Flexors ♦︎♦︎

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This sequence is designed to open up the hip flexors and groin, stretch the calves and hamstrings and improve spinal mobility.