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Choose from over 240 yoga videos designed specifically to optimise athletic performance and recovery. Most of the videos last 15-minutes but there are also some 30-minute and 1-hour sessions. The videos cover 5 skills—Flexibility, Strength, Balance, Mobility and Recovery to give you everything you need to maximise your athletic potential!

Acrobatics is an advanced Balance sequence.

Acrobatics ♦︎♦︎♦︎

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Acrobatics is a playful back-bending sequence with some pretty advanced postures. If you’re feeling strong and supple, it’s a fun one to practice.

Afternoon Kicker

Afternoon Kicker ♦︎♦︎

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Afternoon Kicker is one of my favourites to get the blood pumping, loosen you up and stretch out the kinks. It’s a yoga smorgasbord.

Shoulder Stretch ♦︎

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This cool-down sequence is designed to stretch your shoulders and chest and improve shoulder mobility in every range of motion.

Hip Stability

Hip Stability ♦︎♦︎

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In this Hip Stability sequence, notice how challenging your balance strengthens the hips and core. This is crucial for preventing back pain.

Beginner Twists

Beginner Twists ♦︎

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Beginner Twists is one of my favourites. The poses feel amazing and it’s great for relieving lower back, upper back, shoulder and neck pain.

Core Workout

Core Workout ♦︎♦︎

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Core Workout is designed to strengthen and stabilise the abs, obliques, deep core stabilisers, lower back and pelvic floor.

Hamstrings + Calves ♦︎♦︎

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In this sequence, we focus on improving flexibility in the hamstrings and calves. Grab two blocks and a strap if you’re feeling tight.

1-Hr Mobility Mastery ♦︎♦︎

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In this 1-hour sequence, we open up the hips, increase mobility in the spine and shoulders, strengthen the core and improve your balance.


Well-Oiled ♦︎♦︎♦︎

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Well-Oiled is an advanced flow sequence that requires good upper body strength and flexibility, balance, coordination and body control.

Yin Yoga And The Relaxation Response

Yin Against The Wall ♦︎

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This yin sequence is the most restorative of the whole series and all you need is a wall. It has to be one of my favourites.

Twist And Bend

Twist And Bend ♦︎♦︎

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Twist And Bend combines yoga twists and sidebends to stretch muscles throughout your body. It’s a great one to do after a workout.

1-Hour Lower Back Pain

1-Hour Lower Back Pain ♦︎♦︎

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1-Hour Lower Back Pain is designed to address the common muscular imbalances experienced by athletes that correlate with lower back pain.

Child's Pose

30-Minute Upper Back Yin ♦︎

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In this extended version of Thoracic Recovery, we spend twice as long in each pose for a deeper release of tension in the upper back.

Core Power

Core Power ♦︎♦︎

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Core Power is designed to strengthen your abs, obliques and lower back. Try to include 2-3 core workouts in your training every week.

30-Min Cool-Down ♦︎

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This 30-minute full-body cool-down stretches muscles all the way from your neck all the way down to your hamstrings and calves.