Videos By Level


I have categorised each of the 160+ videos in the Yoga 15 Library as beginner, intermediate or advanced. If you are designing your own program, as opposed to following a course, this can be a great way to choose your session for the day. And so that you can easily identify the level of difficulty for each video, I have added 1, 2, or 3 black diamonds to the title.


The Beginner videos are suitable for all athletes, even those with little or no yoga experience. They should be a staple in all Yoga For Athlete programs, whatever your level, to ensure that your training is well-rounded. The skills they cover are primarily Recovery and Flexibility.


The Intermediate videos require some yoga experience but not necessarily a great deal. The level of difficulty refers more to the extent of Flexibility or Strength in the athlete rather than on accumulative hours on the mat. These routines span all of the Yoga 15 skills.


The Advanced videos are for athletes with some yoga experience and a good level of flexibility and agility. Many of the Mobility sequences are advanced because they are relatively fast-paced and the Balance and Strength routines require good strength, flexibility and body control.