Videos By Program


One of the most effective ways to maintain a consistent daily yoga practice is to follow a program that is designed to achieve your specific objective. Choose from one of the 15 or 30-day programs below or overlap a couple of programs to increase the variety of your training.

15 IN 15


The videos in the Recovery series are slow and stretchy. The breathing exercise at the beginning and meditation at the end are typically longer than in the other routines, which gives you a chance to slow down your mind and release tension from all corners of your body. They are great to do in the evening. Level: Beginner


The Flexibility program is based primarily on the concept of static stretching. The videos become progressively more difficult as you move through the program and cover all your bases as an athlete. They are ideal to do after a workout or later in the day when you're fully warmed up. Level: Intermediate


In the Strength program, we rotate between sequences for the lower body, upper body and core. The videos increase in difficulty as you move through the series and end up pretty challenging. They are great to do in the morning or before a workout to activate specific muscles. Level: Intermediate-Advanced


This program trains balance, proprioception, coordination, body control, focus and concentration. It strengthens all the major joints and muscles and integrates structures within the body to work together more efficiently and effectively. You can practice these routines in the morning or before a workout. Level: Advanced


The sequences in the Mobility program are relatively fast-paced. They are comparable to a style of yoga known as vinyasa or flow. It's one of the most difficult programs in the collection. They are great to do early in the day to get your heart pumping. Level: Intermediate-Advanced


In the All-Rounder program, we rotate through all 5 skills—Flexibility, Strength, Mobility, Balance and Recovery. Following this program will give you insight into the areas of your yoga game you want to work on. This program spans all levels from Beginner through to Advanced.

30 IN 30


This challenging 30-day program is designed to sculpt a strong, supple and powerful core. We cycle through Strength, Flexibility, Mobility and Recovery sequences to give you the best all-round conditioning for a bulletproof core. This program spans all levels from Beginner through to Advanced.


This 30-day program is different from the others as you don't have to follow the videos in any particular order. It contains a broad spectrum of routines that cover all skills and levels of ability. It is designed to ensure variety, at the same time, giving you the flexibility to fit your daily yoga session around your schedule.