Videos By Time Of Day


In the Yoga 15 series, all the videos are tagged by time of day. These are just a guideline but they can be a useful tool for designing your schedule. Strength and Balance sequences are best suited to the Morning, Mobility to Pre-Workout, Flexibility to Post-Workout and Recovery to the Evening.



Kickstart your day with one of these videos to loosen you up, engage your muscles, activate neuromuscular pathways, get the blood pumping and focus your mind. You can always practice Strength and Balance routines in the morning but you may need to warm up before Mobility and Flexibility sessions.


The best routines to do before a workout are the Strength sessions to activate, engage and integrate your muscles or the Mobility sequences (if you are a little more advanced) to loosen and warm you up. It's best to avoid Flexibility and Recovery Pre-Workout as stretching muscles can reduce their power.


The best routines to practice after a workout are the Flexibility and Recovery sequences to stretch out tight muscles, slow down your breathing and heart rate and allow the benefits of the workout to assimilate. Practicing these sessions will speed up your recovery and ease post-exercise muscle soreness.


The best sequences to practice in the evening are the Recovery sequences and beginner Flexibility routines to down-regulate the nervous system and help you to have a restorative night's sleep. It's not advisable to follow the Strength, Balance or Mobility sequences in the evening as they are too stimulating.