Videos By Skill


We cover 5 basic skills in Yoga 15—Flexibility, Balance, Mobility, Strength and Recovery to give you everything you need to maximise your full athletic potential. In each 15-minute session, we focus primarily on just one of these skills. And if you are designing your own program as opposed to following a course, this can be a great way to choose your session for the day.


The Flexibility sequences are focused primarily on static stretching plus some dynamic movement and relaxation techniques. The objectives are to increase flexibility, improve range of motion, reduce tension and alleviate pain. Level: Beginner-Intermediate


The Strength sequences incorporate isometric, concentric and eccentric movements to build muscular strength, increase muscular endurance and improve joint mobility. They can also help to correct muscular imbalances and alleviate pain. Level: Intermediate-Advanced.


The Balance sequences focus on one-legged standing poses, arm balances and advanced twists held for 2-3 breaths each and sequenced together into dynamic flows. They are designed to improve balance, proprioception, body control, body awareness focus and concentration. Level: Intermediate-Advanced.


The Recovery sequences are designed to relax the body and quiet the mind. They typically include a breathing exercise, slow stretching and a slightly longer body scan meditation at the end. The objective is to support and accelerate your recovery. Level: Beginner-Intermediate


The Mobility sequences are relatively fast-paced and are some of the most challenging in the Yoga 15 series. They are designed to improve joint mobility, train new motor skill acquisition and enhance agility and coordination. Level: Intermediate-Advanced.