Lower Back Yin ♦︎


Mod: You can practice Reclining Butterfly without a bolster.


This is the first video in our new yin yoga series! Unlike a typical flow class, in yin yoga, we hold passive stretches for 10 breaths or more to release deeply-held tension. This is an incredibly effective and relaxing way to improve flexibility, alleviate areas of pain and feel supple all day every day! In our first sequence, we focus on hip-opening poses that release tension at the lower back.

There are a few things to focus in yin yoga. Firstly, the breath—take long, slow, diaphragmatic breaths in and out through your nose. The release of tension takes place on the out-breath, so by drawing out the length of your exhalations you will relax deeper into the pose. In each posture, bring your attention to the place where you feel the stretch and breathe into that spot. Stay as motionless as you can in the poses and try to soften a little deeper on every breath.





  • Improve mobility in the hips and spine.
  • Release tension in the glutes, hip flexors, groin, lower back, abs, obliques, chest and neck.
  • Can help to alleviate lower back pain.



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