Azrine Hopes To See His Ab Muscles After All These Years

When I was working in China, I used to walk up the 15 flights of stairs, instead of using the elevators, to go up and down to my room. This helped me to control my weight and stay physically active. When I first came back to the US, I climbed the tower staircase of the Chrysler Technical Center every lunchtime and when I moved jobs and my new office was only 2 levels high, I’d go up and down the staircase 20 times to give myself a workout and raise my heart rate.

Earlier this year, I started the Sufferfest program, as I wanted to improve my cycling performance. Immediately, I was hooked. It opened my eyes to my weaknesses in cycling as I kept getting dropped during the fast group rides. In addition, there were things I needed to focus and work on to improve my fitness and performance.    

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, nearly everyone who could work from home has had to and this warranted a change in my habits and routines. On the Sufferfest Facebook Group, I saw David McQuillen being challenged by Abi Carver to do yoga continuously for 30 days. Since I was unable to do my lunchtime stair-climbing routine during the lockdown, I decided to challenge myself to practice yoga continuously for 30 days. I had no expectations nor did I know if I could complete the challenge. I just took it a day at a time.          

I am currently on Day 98!

I know I am getting stronger because I can do the Side Planks, which I struggled with in the beginning. And even Boat pose does not make me shake anymore. There are many other poses that I still need to improve on. And hopefully, at the end of it all, I will have a stronger core, greater flexibility and it would also be great if I could finally see my ab muscles after all these years!

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