Pedro Uses Yoga To Reduce Stiffness In His Mid Back

Pedro Altamirano Azcona—Yoga15 Athlete

Pedro Altamirano Azcona is a Mexican enduro mountain biker, sponsored by Cube Bikes, Hammer Nutrition and Maxxis tyres. He’s also a bona fide yogi. If COVID restrictions allow, he plans to race in the Enduro World Series and IRONMAN 70.3 Monterrey.

Pedro Altamirano Azcona—Cube Cyclist

Pedro has been practicing yoga for about a year, 3-4 times a week, to improve his flexibility, increase his range of motion and ultimately, progress as an athlete across all areas of performance. After trying many other forms of therapy to ease the stiffness in his mid back, Pedro decided to give yoga a shot.

“I was looking at alternatives but most of them only helped me for a short period of time. I tried yoga and realized that it not only helped with the stiffness but also increased my range of motion, therefore improving my performance. Yoga has now become a part of my training.”


Here are 5 poses that Pedro practices to increase his flexibility, improve his range of motion and eliminate the stiffness that builds up in his mid/upper back from training and competition. You can click on the title links for detailed tutorials of each of the poses.


Yoga For Cyclists—Reverse Warrior

Reverse Warrior is a side-bending hip-opener that stretches the calves, hamstrings, hip flexors, adductors, groin, obliques, intercostals, chest and shoulders. It increases spinal mobility and improves your breathing capacity.


Yoga For Cyclists—Revolved Lunge

Revolved Side Angle is a twisting hip-opener that stretches the ankles, calves, hamstrings, hip flexors, groin, glutes, obliques, lower and upper back. It increases spinal mobility and enhances your balance and proprioception.


Yoga For Cyclists—Crow Pose

Crow pose is an advanced arm balance that strengthens the wrists, arms, shoulders, back, core and hips. It improves balance and enhances focus and concentration.


Yoga For Cyclists—Dead Pigeon

Dead Pigeon is a reclining hip opener that increases hip mobility and stretches the glutes and piriformis. It’s a crucial pose for cyclists that is highly effective for alleviating lower back pain.


Yoga For Cyclists—Hamstring Stretch

Reclining Hand-To-Big-Toe is a reclining forward bend that stretches the hamstrings and calves. It’s another key pose for athletes and one that is great for alleviating lower back pain.


If you’re a member of Yoga 15, you can sign up for the Yoga For Cyclists course today. These videos are designed to:

  • Alleviate lower back pain and pain in between the shoulder blades.
  • Loosen up tight hips.
  • Stretch the calves, hamstrings, quads and hip flexors.
  • Open up the chest
  • Strengthen the core.
  • Activate the posterior chain.
  • Increase your speed, power and endurance.
  • Enhance your balance, proprioception and neuromuscular coordination.
  • Improve your breathing efficiency.

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