Yoga For Surfers: Brenda Shares 4 Pre-Surf Poses

Brenda Flores_Yoga For Surfers

We caught up with the beautiful and talented Brenda Flores in her home town, Sayulita, Mexico. Brenda recently won silver in the National Longboard Championships and is a dedicated and highly-adept yogi. She shared her best yoga for surfers tips with us and demonstrated four of her favourite pre-surf poses.

Brenda Flores, Sayulita Mexico

What are the main benefits of yoga for you as an athlete?

Playing with balance is something that I enjoy very much and yoga helps me maintain a sense of inner balance. It also allows me to stretch my entire body so that I can be a better surfer.

Which poses do you like to do before a surf?

Before surfing, I like to stretch my arms and legs, I do Cobra pose, as it is similar to getting up on the board, and I sit in Lotus for a few breaths to dial in my concentration.

Which poses do you practice for recovery?

Surfing tightens up my muscles so much that it can sometimes be painful and yoga helps me to release that tension. Some of my favourite poses to stretch out are Warrior 1, Seated Forward Bend and Child’s pose.

How can breathing in yoga improve your surfing?

Relaxing the breath and maintaining calm breathing is essential for surfing and even more so when you’re being rolled by a big wave. That’s why I practice Lotus pose. I close my eyes, breathe in to fill my lungs and exhale until I create a vacuum.

What are your goals with surfing?

My ambition is to win a national and represent my country in the World Championships.


1. Plank

Yoga For Surfers_Plank Pose

Plank is a great pose to practice before you surf to engage the upper body and activate your core. Check that your wrists are directly under your shoulders and reach back through your heels. Hold the pose for 5-10 breaths, in and out through your nose.

2. Half Seated Spinal Twist

Half-Seated Spinal Twist stretches the outsides of your hips—the glutes and TFL (tensor fascia latae) and loosens up the spine for your turns. Inhale, to lengthen your spine and exhale into the twist. Hold for 3-5 breaths on each side, in and out through your nose.

3. Eagle

Eagle pose stretches the outsides of your hips and your upper back muscles. It also helps to dial in your balance and activate your core and glutes. When your left arm is on top, your right leg should be on top and vice versa. Hold for 3-5 breaths on each side, as still as you can.

4. Forearm Stand

Forearm Stand is going to be a distant dream for most of us! But if you have the skills, practising an advanced inversion like this can really great for dialling in your concentration. Hold for as many breaths as you can before coming down from the pose gracefully.


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