Mike Bakke Is A Firefighter, A Mountain Biker And A Yogi

Mike Bakke—MTB Yogi

My name is Mike. I am a 31 year-old father, husband, professional firefighter and recreationally-obsessed mountain biker. For a decade, I practiced yoga in a class format, recognising the benefit to my overall strength, injury prevention and general wellness.

With a new addition to our family, my time is now at a premium. No longer do I want to spend the hour-plus commitment at a class, away from my family, practicing yoga. I would rather spend that precious time with my family or out on my bike.


Mike Bakke, father, husband, firefighter and passionate mountain biker.

My chosen career demands that I be strong and resilient. And yoga, in my eyes, is a mandatory piece of that physical puzzle.

Finding Abi and her the 15-minute yoga videos has been an outstanding addition to my home workout program. I also practice with my crew at the fire hall. Everyone enjoys the 15-minute sessions before or after our workouts, and asks for one if I forget.

It’s easy to fit in and provides just enough, to receive the benefits of strength and mobility that I’ve come to love from my yoga practice. The videos are easy to follow and are well-made with a professional production value.


With Abi’s program, I am able to practice a little every day, staving off the aches and pains of life and work, continuing to improve my yoga and keeping me on the bike. Thanks for all you do Abi. I recommend this program to all my firefighter colleagues and everyone I know who lives an active lifestyle. 

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