3 Poses To Relieve Mid To Upper Back Pain

Yoga 15 Upper Back Pain

Here is your “quick guide” for three poses to relieve mid / upper back pain. If you open this page on your phone, you should be able to save it directly to your photos to use as a reference.


  • Cause: rounding the upper back repeatedly and for long periods of time. 
  • Activities: cycling, running, golfing, driving, working at a desk.
  • Muscles that are over-stretched: the muscles that support the shoulder blades.
  • Muscles that are tight: the chest and fronts of the shoulders.
  • Lack of mobility: thoracic spine.


  1. The first pose that I recommend for alleviating pain in between the shoulder blades is Hammock. This is actually the first stage of Upward Facing Plank. The key with this pose is to lift your breast bone and draw your shoulders back. You can practice it seated on the floor or modify on a chair.
  2. The second pose I recommend is Bridge pose. Again, the key is to lift your chest and draw your shoulders away from your ears. You do not have to interlace your fingers behind your back and you might also like to rest your sacrum on a block.
  3. Your final daily pose to relieve upper back pain is Locust. There are many different versions of this posture, all of which can be beneficial. For example, keeping your feet on the mat or coming into cactus arms with your elbows bent.

For each of these back-bending postures, you’ll find full tutorials in the Pose Library.

Upper Back Pain Poses

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